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May 2, 2024

Current Results in the Consumer Champs Campaign: German and Swedish candidates are leading 

Consumer Choice Center is pleased to announce the latest results for our ongoing Consumer Champs project, an innovative initiative designed to guide voters through the complex landscape of public policy positions ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections in early June.

Consumer Champs is more than just a survey – it is a competition that highlights politicians who prioritize consumer interests in their policy-making. As elections draw nearer, our project aims to provide valuable insights to voters, helping them identify which candidates in all 27 EU countries align with their values on critical consumer-related issues.

Our current leaderboard showcases an exciting competition, with candidates from Germany and Sweden leading the pack. These top-ranking politicians have demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing policies that benefit consumers, focusing on areas such as trade, digital freedom, tobacco harm reduction, inflation control, mobility costs, food policies, sustainability, and technology-neutral energy approaches.

This ranking not only highlights the dedication of these candidates to pro-consumer policies but also serves as a guide for voters looking to make informed decisions at the polls.

“We are thrilled to see such active engagement from politicians across Europe, particularly our highest-ranking candidates from Germany and Sweden,” said Zoltan Kesz, Government Affairs Manager at Consumer Choice Center. “Our goal with Consumer Champs is to ensure that consumer interests are front and center in the political dialogue, and these results indicate a promising direction.”

As we continue to monitor and report on the policy positions and responses of national candidates, we encourage voters to stay informed and participate actively in shaping a consumer-friendly policy landscape.