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About us

Are you curious about where your political candidates stand on issues vital to consumer rights and consumer choice? 

Wondering how your European Parliament candidates approach topics like trade, digital freedom, or inflation?

The Consumer Choice Center invites you to delve into the heart of our new campaign – the search for Consumer Champs among politicians in the European Union. This website allows you to find candidates in your country, see what their views are on the most pressing consumer issues, and help you to make your own choice on Election Day.

ConsumerChamps is here to guide you through the labyrinth of public policy positions to help you discover which candidates represent you as a consumer!

ConsumerChamps isn’t just a survey; it’s a competition, spotlighting the most pro-consumer politicians. As elections come closer, our rankings will serve as a guide to voters across all 27 European Union countries, offering insights into national candidates, their responses, and policy affiliations.

Discover where candidates stand on critical policy issues cherished by consumers – trade, digital freedom, tobacco harm reduction, inflation, mobility costs, food policies, sustainability, technology-neutral energy policies, and consumer freedom.

Join us in unraveling the Consumer Champions who prioritize your rights as consumers!


Our mission is to spotlight the values and stances of parties and individual politicians at the European level. Will they uphold bureaucratic norms with a centralized approach, or will they champion change by prioritizing consumer rights and choice, limiting the overreach of centralized institutions.
Our questionnaire is the perfect opportunity for European Parliament candidates to showcase their beliefs, principles, and areas of agreement or disagreement. Empowered voters can then be better informed when choosing their future Member of the European Parliament. But here’s the twist: our campaign isn’t just about reaching out to candidates for their opinions. We’re calling on voters to actively participate in our campaign by encouraging their parties and candidates to transparently outline their preferences before the elections!
We focused on the exciting topics and burning policy areas for consumers: trade, digital freedom, sustainability, and more—that are essential in showcasing where candidates stand on issues vital to your everyday life as a consumer.
By participating in this EU-wide survey, voters and candidates can delve into the campaign’s rankings and insights, understanding how these issues serve as a dynamic roadmap for voters across all 27 European Union countries, guiding them toward candidates aligned with consumer-centric values.
You, as a voter, can force transparency by urging your local political candidates to step into the spotlight and share their views on crucial consumer rights issues before the European Parliament elections. This will put pressure on your candidates and create healthy competition between candidates to cater their agenda towards the needs of their constituency as consumers. In this campaign, you can fan the flames of participation! Your candidates and parties can jump into the limelight, showcasing their commitment to consumer rights—even if they haven’t received a direct invitation—to make a lasting impact in this vibrant campaign. More candidates the better!

No, ConsumerChamps.eu is a platform that provides information on European Parliament candidates based on their responses to a survey regarding their stance on consumer-oriented policies. The rankings and information presented on this website are solely intended to serve as a resource for voters seeking insights into candidates’ positions on consumer issues.

It is important to note that ConsumerChamps.eu does not endorse, support, or oppose any specific candidate, political party, or their views. The rankings are generated based on the candidates’ self-reported responses to the survey, and ConsumerChamps.eu does not independently verify the accuracy or authenticity of the information provided by the candidates.

Consumers are encouraged to thoroughly research and evaluate candidates based on their individual beliefs, policies, and overall suitability for public office. The rankings on ConsumerChamps.eu should be considered as one of many factors in making an informed decision during the electoral process.

This page presents the survey questions, along with detailed explanations for each answer and the corresponding points assigned. Our objective is to enhance clarity for both candidates and voters by elucidating why the chosen answers align most closely with consumer choice and freedom in the European Union. We aim to underscore the benefits of policies in harmony with these answers for consumers. The methodology involved a straightforward multiple-choice survey addressing key concerns for European consumers, including inflation, mobility costs, innovation, food supply sustainability, consumer freedom, harm reduction policies, digital freedom, and trade.

Regrettably, due to the substantial number of candidates in the 2024 EU Parliament election, responses had to be standardized, and candidates were unable to provide custom answers in an open-question format. Nonetheless, we incorporated an open-field option post-survey, allowing candidates to share comments or quotes about their responses, which are accessible on this website. For inquiries about our methodology or answers, please use the form provided at the page’s end.