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February 13, 2024

Consumer Choice Center Launches “Consumer Champs” Campaign Ahead of European Parliament Elections

The Consumer Choice Center is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking “Consumer Champs” campaign, dedicated to helping European voters navigate the complex landscape of political candidates vying for seats in the European Parliament in 2024. 

With over 12,000 candidates running, Consumer Champs aims to be the go-to resource for voters curious about where their political candidates stand on issues vital to consumer rights and choice. The campaign is designed to guide voters through the labyrinth of public policy positions, focusing on critical areas such as trade, digital freedom, sustainability, and more. 

The heart of the campaign lies in an interactive website that allows voters to explore candidates in their country, understand their views on pressing consumer issues, and make informed choices on Election Day.

“Our mission is to spotlight the values and stances of parties and individual politicians at the European level. Will they uphold bureaucratic norms with a centralized approach, or will they champion change by prioritizing consumer rights and choice, limiting the overreach of centralized institutions?” commented Zoltan Kesz, Government Affairs Manager at Consumer Choice Center.

Consumer Champs encourages active participation from voters by urging their political candidates to transparently outline their preferences on crucial consumer rights issues before the European Parliament elections. The campaign believes in the power of transparency and the role voters can play in influencing candidates and parties to prioritize consumer-centric policies.

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